One from Mosta, Two from Żabbar wins Substation Contemporary Art Prize

Leber and Chesworth's video made in Melbourne's Maltese community has been awarded the 2016 Substation Contemporary Art Prize.

03b Leber Chesworth One From Mosta Double Club v2 600w 90pc

Part singing, part public argument and part public confession, the song form of ‘Spirtu Pront’ emanates from working class bars in Malta. Improvised and often inflammatory grievances are publicly aired in a highly disciplined mode of practice, with strict stylistic and social rules. 

The argument and counterargument can be quite personal and local, however the form also suggests wider honour codes. In this anachronistic form, ritualised argument can be seen as a positive social platform for the resolution of conflict.

Substation Contemporary Art Prize
Melbourne, Australia
8 September to 9 October 2016
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