We Are Printers Too wins Screengrab6 International Media Art Prize

Sonia Leber and David Chesworth were selected as the winners of the 6th Screengrab International Media Arts Award for their 2013 video work We Are Printers Too.

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Judge José Da Silva explained that he selected Leber and Chesworth’s work, "because it is a fascinating exploration of sound and communication, and a decidedly moving ode to lost forms of communication. I kept returning to Leber and Chesworth’s work, increasingly feeling that it had made the most thoughtful, well resolved and even challenging contribution to the award's theme of Velocity, that curator Mitch Goodwin eloquently describes in his catalogue essay as ‘the comings and goings of objects, the rhizomatic fever of life – of memories and of perception – is the stuff of both nature and the machine but also the stuff of change – of a compelling need to move forward, at pace.'"
– Judge, José da Silva, Senior Curator of Australian Cinémathèque Curatorial and Collection Development, Queensland Art Gallery

6th Screengrab International Media Arts Award
Pinnacles Gallery
Townsville, Australia
20 September to 26 October 2014
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